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  • Reclaiming your name: Miscarriage & Infertility Coaching

    Are you struggling to navigate the unique challenges life has presented to you as you desire to build a family?

    Do you long to reclaim your name, the one given to you by the Creator, and not be identified by your fertility struggles?

    Do you wish to become fruitful in the midst of grieving your expectations about motherhood?

    If so, this coaching can help. As a Miscarriage and Infertility Coach, I work one-on-one with Catholic or Christian women to help them identify the wounds of infertility and miscarriage and improve their overall well-being by connecting with their authentic femininity.

    Working with a coach can help you summon your inner strength and feel greater contentment and joy in your day to day life as a beloved daughter of God.
    If you find yourself feeling any of the following:

    • Inability to shut your mind off at night
    • Stuck in your relationships with yourself, others and God
    • Depressed at where life has brought you and wanting your life to be defined by God’s plan

    Then my Miscarriage and Infertility Coaching can help.

    If you have the desire to make a change but have been unable to, then let’s work together. My specialty is working with women through these challenging situations, to help them find their true identity, and to help them make the changes that they want out of their life.

    Give me a call today and let’s set up a time to talk about how we can work together.