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  • Perinatal Grief

    Losing a baby can be a lonely experience! Society does not recognize this type of death, but without a live baby in her arms, the mother has lost her maternal identity!

    Perinatal loss is an unexpected, traumatic and life changing event. Your physiological, psychological, and spiritual responses are real and valid. They are a normal result of the heartbreaking pain of grief and these symptoms may lessen overtime. The grief journey is unique to each individual. However, here some symptoms that you may experience:

    • Depressed mood, irritability or anger
    • Anxiety
    • Feelings of insecurity, guilt, and low self-worth
    • Flashback of the loss
    • Feeling lethargic, unable to move, moving slowly
    • Avoiding people or places

    If you are experiencing any perinatal loss, reach out today so we can schedule an appointment.